Welcome Everyone!

February 5th, 2009

Well as I go fighting and screaming into this age of  technology, (and who said it wouldn’t last) I have jumped into a new phase on my website.  I have added a “Blog”.  First of all, to all of you out there that don’t know what a “Blog” is, I will tell you.  It is like a virtual coffee break!  Yep, you can add comments on any subject about your pet, whether it be a question, a problem,  tips or suggestions.  Help yourself!  I, however, have the sole right to maintain and monitor any and all posts, so let’s keep it G rated.  I also have the right to knock someone off if they do not exhibit good conduct.

So, help me out here and lets start our coffee break with a blog.

Come on it’s as easy as writing an email!  Just click here and get started!


Miss Carolyn

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